Simple opportunity to sell any things online

Your online show-room with accepting of payment by bank card to sell goods on the Internet or things that are you do not want to use.

Sell online

Round-the-clock access

You can trade on the Internet around the clock - such shops do not close after 8 pm, and all available goods are visible at once. Convenient sections of the catalog allow you to make a purchase in a minimum time. This is a great opportunity to buy everything you need for those who have almost no free time.

Pay online

Large audience coverage

You can trade online from the comfort of your own home by sitting in one place. People do not need to waste time to get to the store and choose the right thing. And why, if it is possible to open a tab of a browser and choose all that you need?

Online showroom

The opportunity to part with things that are close to your heart

Everyone has things to throw away that are pathetic, but you don't want to use them anymore: you're tired, you don't like them, or you have a new replacement. Especially if these things are connected with memories of people, bright moments and events. But there is a way out - to sell unnecessary things over the Internet. Perhaps, your things - exactly what was missing another person.

Open online store

Free service and fast start-up

Online showroom does not require any costs - the main costs are spent on support, as well as the work of the sales consultant (if there are many items in the sections, which are not always possible to choose independently). If the goods will be in demand (achieved through interest and proper advertising), the income from them will significantly exceed all the costs of your showroom online.

Online showroom and payment processing

Everything is ready to start trading online right now and accept payments online, even without creating a local company. The main question is what to sell in the online store and how to get profit from it:


Sell goods online is the main service that is in high demand. Goods for sale on the Internet can correspond to different topics. It is important that they are of high quality and remain in good condition, if they have already been used before. The better the product looks, the better the chance that it will be bought. Such things, as a rule, are more expensive than in ordinary shops, so the demand for them is higher.


Online store - a great chance to sell a book online, even if it is read to the holes. Paper books are now so expensive that book-lovers are looking for ways to buy material for reading in all available ways. Online store with old books will appeal to many fans of good literature. Even if the book is worn out over time, it will only increase its interest - so often it was read.


Cars, like things, quickly go out of fashion or get bored, your chance to sell your car online. If the car is still on the go and has not such a large run, selling it online is a great opportunity to get back some money. Just make sure you don't run into any scammers, as you're supposed to be working with large amounts of money. At present, everything can be sold online, and your car is no exception.


Selling coins over the Internet is a real find for numismatists. Collections of coins can reach truly impressive sizes and the price for them (especially if you own rare coins that have not been on sale for a long time) will be appropriate. The main thing is that the coins were authentic and it is desirable to have the necessary documents on them, so as not to cause problems in the future.


If the antiques do not fit into the interior of your new apartment, it is better to sell it online. Antique things can be found in every house - especially items of furniture and jewelry, which are passed down from generation to generation. Over time, they do not look so stylish and bright, but still represent a cultural value. Find the strength to part with the old things and sell antiques online.


Sell the service on the Internet - a variant of earnings for those who understands in advertising and knows a lot about sales.


Sell Gta 5 online on the Internet - now it is possible, if you know how to properly build sales. Computer games - great fun in your spare time. But what to do with the mountains of discs and cassettes, which have long been unused and only take up space in the closet? Sell games online. They will be in demand not only among young people, but also the older generation. This is especially true for the old and rare games, which are no longer on sale - they will fly away at great speed.


Sell handmade on the Internet - a variant of earnings for needlewomen. If you know how to sew, knit, embroider, cross or smooth, as well as creating toys, home makeup or soap making, why not turn a hobby into a way to earn money? The income you get will allow you to get an investment for a new portion of your creativity, as well as to get loyal fans.

Photos and videos

Creative people can sell their photos online. Shooting photos and videos, as well as painting, writing books, and content, is an art that will eventually find its viewer. Some people prefer to use in the interior of the room living pictures filled with bright emotions of people. If you take pictures of people, take care of the permission to display their photos and videos on the Internet.


Selling clothes online is the main type of income not only for fashionistas, but also for parents. Children grow up very quickly, so sometimes things have to be changed not one, but two or three times a year. Unfortunately, the parents' money and cabinets are not rubber, so we have to find a place for new purchases, as well as the means to make them.

Music and Songs

You have a beautiful voice and you can sing? Don't waste time and sell songs online. This skill will allow you to build your own earnings on the Internet. Upload your songs and music to the Internet, find devoted fans and wait for them to want to buy where you put your whole soul. Proper marketing will allow you to attract more customers, as well as set the right prices.


Selling shoes online to make room in a closet is real. This applies not only to shopaholics, who are ready to buy a few pairs of shoes every season, following fashion and their own moods, but also parents whose children grow up for years. In childhood, all the guys develop differently, someone is growing faster, and therefore, new shoes and sneakers are required them more often.


Anyone can now sell things online - they must be in good quality. Fashion changes too quickly, so often clothes are bought for one or two seasons. And what to do with it next? Leave it in the closet and keep saying that there is nothing to wear? Of course, to sell unnecessary things on the Internet. Their value will be lower than the store price, but it is exactly higher than what you would have received by sending things to the garbage dump.


Start your own business and sell your website - an option for smart people. Option for those who are good at understanding the complex structure of websites and sales, respectively. You are only required to promote the project and bring it to a certain level, and then at an affordable cost to transfer to the management of another person. Agree, not a bad option, if you know how to build a job.


If you're painting, you can sell the painting online for the type of income that suits you. What can be better than an online platform filled with your artwork? Drawing is creativity, but not all paintings have a place on the walls of your painting, especially if inspiration comes to you regularly. If you can sell your paintings online, you will definitely delight the art lovers and find fans of your art.


Poets and people who have their own muse can sell poems online. Writing and rhyming is in high demand in a marketing world. On your own site you can organize not only the viewing of articles and your contacts, but also to create a whole online store to meet with customers and the conclusion of transactions were held on the same platform.


Through the Internet you can sell not only old, but also high-quality furniture. Bought in the kitchen or in the room a new headset, and it is not suitable for you in size? There is a way out - to sell furniture online. Furniture - quite a popular product, so it always has its own buyer, satisfied with the price, below the shop. You can also sell used furniture online if it still performs its functions.


Always buying new care products? There is a way out - to sell cosmetics online. This applies not only to decorative, but also care cosmetics. The main rule - the packaging should not be opened, otherwise it is unlikely that anyone would want to buy such goods. If every holiday you get as a gift what you do not use at all, it is a great reason to sell cosmetics and perfume on the Internet.

Payment processing is available from the first minute

Payment methods in the online store are the key to a successful start of sales. Everyone who uses your services should be able to pay online. The convenience of using the online store depends on the payment method. There must be several options so that each customer can choose the one that suits him best at the moment. Using Plentr you can open an online store for free and sell online without creating a company. The easiest way to do this is to pay with a bank card, but what if I don't have a bank card?


Payment by e-money is an option for business partners and people without bank cards. Usually payment is carried out through Yandex. money or Webmoney, Qiwi. To fill up balance of an electronic purse it is possible through the terminal, a bank card or the account, and also through number of a mobile phone. Many business customers prefer to pay with electronic money to keep their personal data confidential, so this method of payment must be.

Bank cards

Online card payment is a traditional way to shop online. The easiest way to pay for a purchase, which will allow you to make a payment in a few seconds. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR cards are accepted for payment. Online payment by bank card is available to the majority of the population. The main thing is that there are no restrictions on the use of the bank. The main options are Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank.

Sms payment

Available option for those who want to write off money from the phone account. Payment by SMS payment allows you to write off the required amount from the phone balance. An affordable option for those who do not have a bank card or an electronic money account at their fingertips. Suitable for paying for goods with low cost. The operators Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Yota, Tele2 are available for payment. Payment via SMS is made by receiving SMS confirmation to the specified phone number.

Non-cash payment

Payment by bank transfer is the main method of payment for legal entities and registered entrepreneurs. Bank transfer payment to a current account is used by companies that purchase goods and services for corporate use. The system assumes payment through the bank account of the company, and also automatically forms and prepares necessary documents for accounting. Methods of payment largely depend on the type of goods and services that are available for sale.

Documents for the buyer

Primary documents for online store's customers-receivers, without which work is impossible. In accordance with the Federal Law 402-FZ, legal entities are provided with: an invoice for payment, an agreement and a bill of lading of an established standard. First of all, this applies to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are required to submit a report on their expenses in order to make a purchase and sale transaction. Documents are sent by e-mail or letter to the address of the buyer.

Cash receipts

Issuance of cash receipts - a mandatory attribute of the online store, which confirms the purchase. In accordance with federal law 54-FZ, individuals for each purchase issues a cash receipt. This factor does not depend on the selected type of goods or services, as well as the amount of payment made. This is the answer to the popular question whether the online store should issue a cash receipt. Issuance of receipts is carried out in an electronic format - they come to e-mail or in the form of SMS.

Simple registration

The advantage of an online store that will attract more customers. Allows customers not to come to the shop in person and not to make unnecessary calls - all actions are based on one platform. Registration involves the creation of a personal account of the buyer, where he will be able to add the selected goods, pay for purchases, as well as monitor the actions taken on the site. The buyer will be able to save a bank card or e-wallet so that the payment takes less time.

How it works:


1. Registration

It is possible to open an online store for free after registration in the system. To create your own online store, you need to register with Paysto. It is important that these data are accurate - this will allow you to avoid problems in the future, including with the law. Registration allows you to perform all actions on the basis of one platform, without making calls and without coming to the offices.

Create a test account
Create internet showroom

2. Your internet showroom

The name of the online store must be bright and capacious in order to immediately interest the customer. The main purpose of the colorful description is to quickly attract the attention of the buyer, so that he understands that you are exactly what he needs. It is recommended to prepare a description of the showroom in advance so that registration takes as little time as possible, and you are able to start selling.


3. Showcase

Description of goods for the online store and preparation of colorful photos - the key to successful sales. Goods are loaded in the shop window by yourself. After checking the system by the moderator (usually takes no more than 24 hours), the possibility of accepting online payments is opened. For reliable sellers the check of goods is disabled. It is also necessary to prepare a description of the store itself so that the customer understands exactly where he got to and what he can find here. At Plentr you receive online payments:

  • Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR
  • E-money: Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney
  • SMS payments: Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2
  • Bank transfers of individuals
  • Bank transfers of legal entities
Payouts to cards

4. Payouts to cards, methods of payment and transfer of funds for goods and services.

After the purchase has been made, the proceeds are credited to your internal balance (after the customer receives the goods). After that, the funds are paid to bank cards, electronic wallets or bank transfers.

  • Bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, MIR
  • Bank account of the company
  • WebMoney wallet
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How does an online showroom differ from an online store and how do I open it?

Opening an online showroom is an easy way to start your own business without any extra investment. Due to the search engine optimization of the trading platform there is no need to spend money on advertising - goods are quickly indexed by search engines Google and Yandex, resulting in the first lines of search in a short time. In contrast to the online store, the content of the online showroom is paid for by the commission on sales. There are no normal site maintenance costs.

Even a novice entrepreneur can open a showroom on the Internet if there is no start-up capital.

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We offer each client a free online showroom with online payment acceptance: cards, e-money, bank transfer, via terminal and SMS. We earn on commissions from sales and do not ask for money when nothing is sold. If you need a low commission and fast payment, buy a subscription that will reduce your costs by 33%.

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Commission on turnover is charged to the supplier.
Services provided as well as methods of payment of the proceeds may not be available in all countries. Before registering with Plentr specify the availability of services and payment methods for your country.

About us

Plentr is a universal trading platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to open their own showroom for selling goods and services online.

The key features of Plentr are

  • ○ Availability of a platform for private individuals, registered entrepreneurs and companies;
  • ○ Specialization in the Russian market, which includes more than 80 million active Internet users;
  • ○ Exceptional online and offline payment methods used in Russia and neighboring countries, including transfers from Russian banks, payments using MIR, VISA and MasterCard bank cards, QIWI, Yandex and WebMoney e-money, as well as popular online banking systems of Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank and VTB;
  • ○ Online sales of goods and services to all categories of customers: individuals, individual entrepreneurs, commercial organizations and government agencies;
  • ○ Issuance of cash receipts for the supplier, in accordance with the requirements of 54-FZ (the user does not need to buy or rent an online cash register);
  • ○ Formation and exchange of accounting documents with buyers.

Our task is to provide you with the opportunity to organize the sale of your own goods and services on the Internet without wasting your time on administrative issues and money to build your own infrastructure for full-fledged trade in Russia in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

We have been reducing business costs for our users since 2015.

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ExpertSystem has been using Plentr since 2016. Very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the software.

Ilya Churakov, ExpertSystem

We use Plentr to accept payments from legal entities in Russia. Excellent service with good support!

Vyacheslav V., Rontar OU

DocDoc worked with Plentr in 2016. Your service has established itself as a serious partner with a clear and results-oriented focus.

Dmitry P.,

Plentr is a marketplace, not a store constructor like the others. There are no settings for design here. The declared functions perform perfectly. There are unique chips such as cashier's receipts without buying an online cashier's desk and accepting payments from companies, and there is no telephone support from the minus side.

Galina, Krasnoyarsk

Just do what you love, and whatever it is, you can sell it.

— from Andy Warhol's memoirs

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